Bourgeois Slope D/SS Custom Short Scale Adirondack Pre-Owned

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Bourgeois Slope D/SS Custom Short Scale Adirondack Pre-Owned


This wonderful Bourgeois was ordered in the Short Scale Length with the square head instead of the standard “Snakehead” headstock.

The slope shouldered dreadnought is only about 1/4″ wider than a standard dreadnought, but what a difference! Voiced for a more open, though less driving, sound than the Dreadnought, the Slope D happily accommodates a wide variety of playing styles including country, blues, old timey, pop, contemporary, and–you name it. And if you’re a fingerstyle player looking for a dreadnought-sized guitar that can handle fingerpicks or bare fingers as well as flatpicks, the Slope D is definitely your guitar! The Slope D is also available as a Slope D, 14 Fret, 25” short scale: Relaxed playability; warmer than the long scale version, without significant loss of volume.

Fretboard 14 Fret Ebony
Nut Width 1 23/32
Scale Length 25”
Waist 10 1/4”
Lower Bout Width 15 13/16”
Body Length 20 1/8”
Depth at Neck 3 7/8”
Depth at Tail-Black 4 7/8”
Total Length 40 1/8”