Breedlove Oregon Concert Bourbon E Pre-Owned

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Breedlove Oregon Concert Bourbon E Pre-Owned

The guitar is in new condition.  It has a wonderful voicing to it and would be a great fingerstyle guitar for someone looking for a unique sounding and looking instrument.

At the end of the day, when it is time to relax, there is nothing more satisfying than picking up your favorite guitar and letting the music flow. The Oregon Concert Bourbon is bound to be your next favorite guitar. Thankfully, the rugged Oregon coast gifted us the gnarly Myrtle tree which turns out to be one of Mother Nature’s finest tonewoods. Often described as the marriage between rosewood and maple, it creates tonal balance and bold projection. To maximize these remarkable tonal qualities we are using myrtlewood for the soundboard as well as the back and sides. Then we extenuated the figured grain with a luxurious bourbon tinted stain resulting in a stunning looking as well as sounding instrument.