Tone King Royalist 15 Head and Cabinet


We have a pre-owned and lightly played Tone King Royalist amp, in overall excellent condition with no rips or tears to the tolex and all features and functions working as they should.  This particular rig was the one shown by Mark Bartel at the NAMM show and is signed on the back of the amp.  Comes with covers for both head and cab. The Tone King Royalist takes its cues from classic British amplifiers from the ’60s. In its 15-watt head, the Royalist uses a compliment of two EL84 output tubes and three 12AX7 preamps tubes for a familiar “Plexi” and “JTM45” type of very natural overdrive. By using an onboard Tone King Ironman attenuator, you can really bring out some classic “stack” tones from a relatively small rig. Controls are similar to the aforementioned amps but with only one input jack rather than four. Other features include a passive effects loop, bias points and adjustment on the back panel. Lastly, the build quality of this amp is top notch and will endure whatever post-gig madness is thrown at it.